Friday, January 9, 2009

Love Takes Balls

Woman explains salvation to man who threatened her

Pauline Jacobi of Dyersburg, TN bought her groceries at the local Super Wal-Mart. When she got in her car a man also got in and ask her for her money. She told him no she wouldn't.

When he threatened to kill her "I said, 'If you kill me, I'm going straight to heaven. If you kill me, you're going to hell.'"

Read her amazing story here:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out in the Open

I'm showing the New Face

I'm coming out of electronic hiding. I'm putting my new mug up on the Internet. I got a photographer friend of mine to shoot me at church today. I am pretty well used to it by now. I've been told I look gentler now without the facial hair. I'm probably going to keep it this way for quite a while.

A New Phase

It's a new year and I'm starting a new adventure. I'm going to church singles functions and meeting tons of new people. I'm starting to interact with women more. I'm starting some new friendships and going to lunch with various people. Like all things, it is different and hard in some ways. I have decided to take things very slowly and wait for God to show me what is next.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goodbye Christmas

Trudie's humor

As you see, Trudie had a bit of humor about things. These are my antique glass ornaments from when I was a child. Trudie labeled them as shown. [Click the image to see the animation.] I had fun creating this animated image. I used The GIMP which is a free graphics manipulation program (like Photoshop).

Putting the decorations away

Storing away the decorations was sad. It is now officially dreary, drab Winter.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hi, I'm Patrick - a recovering Control Freak

Hi, Patrick!

Yesterday, I could stand it no longer!

I have done a lot of work about my Control Freak addiction and most of the time now I can just say "whatever!" But that doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it. I can usually now not mentally criticize how someone else in charge is doing things. And I am grateful for their service.

Now, I limit my expressing my control freak nature by cleaning. When things are clean, I feel that my environment is ordered and controlled.

We used to have a joke about how when I cleaned the kitchen I would deep-clean it to within an inch of it's life. Trudie labeled it "Patrickzizing" the kitchen.

So, yesterday I couldn't stand the driveway and house status any longer. I had to do something. So I got out the rake and the power blower and I blew all the two month accumulation of leaves off the deck, porch, driveway, and - just for good measure - the cul-de-sac street.

I also got out the vacuum and vacuumed the house.

And, since it had been bothering me for a long time, I washed my 240 DL Volvo (yes, in 45F weather).

Ahh! That feels better. Now my world feels more ordered, clean, and more controlled.

I'm sorry for my slip; I'll be picking up another white chip at tomorrow's meeting.