Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Bosnia Video

Digital Story Telling Workshop

I've been wanting to make better videos. I've known that good technical video technique did not necessarily make a good video. What makes a good video is a good story. This is an area in which I am weak.

Last week I spent three days at a workshop in Washington, DC, put on by the Center for Digital Story Telling. We went through a quick but intensive time making my first digital story.

I made it about my experience in Bosnia. Here's my finished story:

My Bosnia Story from Patrick Bartkus on Vimeo.

My thoughts on creating this

I had a great time making this video. I had great feedback from the instructors and other students in the workshop. We worked hard and we all came away with great videos. I already know the topic of my next video: My Beard and the Great Shave.

Your thoughts on this

So what do you think? I'm interested to know what you think about what I've made.


thepettys said...

Great stuff Patrick! It was engaging and I suspect well thought out. You're right, the story is the hook - the pictures just support what you are trying to communicate. I'll say it again, with a little practice, you could probably do voice over work!

-- john said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I can see how God used this trip to help you grow. The jump was a great metaphor for the whole trip, right? I think the "you can do it" encouragement applies to more than just the cliff jump! Go, Patrick!